Ben Young
Ben Young
September 25, 2014


Campaign of the Week:

Golf takes zany ride in VW native advertising

This month’s advertising launch for VW’s redesigned 2015 Golf puts the car at the center of a zany online video on Funny or Die, the comedy website founded by comedian Will Ferrell. The three-minute video is a piece of so-called native advertising, a hot new format in marketing circles in which publishers host content that looks like their own but actually comes from advertisers. The idea is to place advertising in new spheres as consumers shift toward new online platforms and away from TV.

Source: FunnyorDie

Why we like it:

Great content that entertains whilst taking you through a Target store in a Volkswagen. It gets a little cheesy towards the end but perfect for the Funny or Die audience.

Quote of the Week:

Source: The Media Online


In-Image Ads Can Now Be Programmatic, Too

GumGum, a company that offers ads appearing inside Web images, is partnering with Xaxis to sell its unusual inventory programmatically. Indeed, whether one is talking about TV, online video, display or mobile advertising, the marketing world is moving toward more automated buying and selling.


Source: AdWeek


The Best Native Ad Ever Created Isn’t Even an Ad (But It Could Have Been)

Have you seen the November issue of The Atlantic? It features a fantastic cover story by James Fallows titled “The 50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since The Wheel.”The piece covers everything from the printing press, No. 1 on the list, to the combine harvester, No. 50.

With a few modifications, this article could have been turned into a native ad for GE, and it would have been the best native ad written so far.


Source: AdAge


Why publishers are learning how to buy ads

Publishers are used to spending an inordinate amount of energy trying to attract media buyers, but now they’re also playing the role themselves.

Publishers like Vox Media, BuzzFeed and Complex all have in-house ad-buying capability, part of a shift by publishers in how they think of audience development. Gone is the “build it and they will come” ethos, Instead, publishers are resorting to the brass tacks of building audiences through a variety of methods, including paying for distribution of content.


Source: DigiDay


Why Google Getting Into Native Ads Is Great News for Content Marketers

Rumor has it Google is preparing to take the native advertising plunge, which should have a big impact on the way you distribute your content.

According to AdExchanger, insiders are reporting plans that include “ad-serving support for sponsored posts on premium publisher websites, and a content recommendation engine of the sort pioneered by Outbrain and Taboola, both of which may launch in 2015.”


Source: Contently


Next week is AdWeek, with a number of Native Ad topics, from Native Programmatic with TripleLift to a mini Native Ad Summit with ShareThrough.

Please do come along and contribute.


The Canadian Journalism Foundation

This kicks off a new season of J-Talks with Native Advertising. This panel discussion is part of the CJF J-Talks series, exploring issues and challenges shaping journalism.

Thursday, 2 October 2014 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (EDT)
Toronto, Ontario



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