Campaigns of the Week:

Finding Understanding

Without knowing anyone, Sherylynn went to a deaf meet up at Starbucks, where she found a new community that changed her life.


Why we like it:

This is a heart warming story, whether a native advertisement or simply a youtube video. Starbucks has used this existing piece of content for a subtle yet very effective campaign.

Source: AdWeek


Target and Imagine Dragons at the Grammys

Although the Super Bowl is still “king” when it comes to TV ad space, annual award shows like the Oscars and the Grammys are also very attractive to advertisers. This commercial for Target aired as if it was part of the show.


Why we like it:

Seamless and brilliant. Target has carefully selected the theme and placement of this Native ad with perfect execution – so well that you may not have been aware you were even watching marketed content.

Source: TechCrunch


Quote of the Week:

 Source: Native Ad Talks



Googles Native Ad Private Beta

We caught this via Twitter, the post is a few months old but confirms what we’d been hearing. -Ben

When asked about a question about native in the SDK:

“Please ask your client to speak with their DFP account manager to ask for dev resources regarding this. There is a private beta going on, but nothing available for general release yet. Therefore, there is no public documentation yet.”

Thanks to @itamarro for tweeting this!

Source: @itamarro


How Brands and Publishers define Success in Native

Nudge provided some insights to Digiday in this article on monitoring success in Native Advertising.

Back in 1900, Michelin released its first guide for French motorists. Complete with helpful maps and hotel names, the Michelin Guide was an immediate success. As the content itself had little to do with the brand’s product – tires – this was native advertising in its earliest form.

Source: Digiday


The IAB Native Ad Guidelines show that Native Advertising is Maturing

Alex Stephney, the IAB Public Policy Manager said at the launch:

“The guidelines help companies involved in developing and publishing such native ad formats to provide the necessary levels of transparency to consumers and uphold the integrity of online advertising.”

Source: AdYouLike


Native Ads: Clear Rules of Engagement Will Help Marketers And Publisher Alike

Under the Articles of War, “it is unlawful for a warship to go into action without first showing her true colors.”

That’s a good rule for marketers and publishers to keep in mind as they consider how to incorporate native ads into their marketing mix.

Source: MediaPost


Native Ad Talks

We had a great evening at Native Ad Talks on Wednesday, with Shareen Pathak Agency & Brand Editor at DigiDay moderating the event. Our first panel featured John Chan from Native Lift, the specialist amplification agency and Gabe Bender, Strategist of native ad provider ShareThrough  Both were able to share their helpful insights on how to win at Native Advertising.  Thanks again to Powerlinks for helping us sponsor the evening.



Next month on March 11th, Powerlinks is having a Native Advertising Meet up. Anyone interested RSVP here.

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