Ben Young
Ben Young
January 7, 2016

Campaigns of the Week:

Here’s How to Uncap Real Flavor in your Kitchen with Wooden Cap Recipe Hacks

Source: Eater


Why we like it:

This campaign on Eater for Cholula hot sauces, is a great example of how CPG brands should approach native content. Rather than just sponsoring a section of a site, make your brand integral to the piece of content. This piece includes recipes, using each of the hot sauces, beautiful imagery and information on where to find the bottles.

Winter Fun for Kids: Monsters, Magic and More

Source: Mode


Why we like it:

This campaign for Hotel Transylvania 2 on Mode is another of our top picks this week. Targeted towards mom’s it includes the trailer for the movie, monster snack suggestions, craft ideas and DIY costumes. We loved the combination of targeting the movie towards parents, including fun ways to involve their kids, and including the trailer. Practical and fun.

Quote of the Week

Native ads should be good enough to stand on their own, no matter how clearly labeled. If deceit is required, you’re doing it wrong.”

– Jeff Beer, FastCompany



GE’s head of marketing on why nearly all its TV ads run during live events, and the future of native advertising

Linda Boff: At GE, I feel like we’ve kind of honed what’s important around a few things. One, for us is impact. So we’re looking to drive impact over shared numbers over impressions. And the way we think about impact is a story, an experience, that is going to make you stop and pay attention. Certainly, I think native — I think we’re all going to agree — is the way to go.

Source: Business Insider


Mobile Banner Ads To Drop In Popularity, Native And Video Ads Gain Momentum

Although display ads — including banners — saw immense growth in the third quarter of last year (mobile accounted for 55% of all display ad clicks in the third quarter), many consumers and advertisers feel their interruptive nature may do more harm than good. Video and native ads are considered to be less interruptive to mobile user experience and better at lifting brand awareness and engagement.

Source: MediaPost


Consumers Can’t Tell Native Ads From Editorial Content

Overall, only 17 out of 242 subjects — under 8% — were able to identify native advertising as a paid marketing message in this experiment made by researchers at Grady College in Georgia. The experiment also revealed that consumers are seven times more likely to identify paid content as a native ad when it is marked with terms like “advertising or “sponsored content” than if it carries terms like “brand voice” or “presented by.”

Source: MediaPost


Turner Seeks To Become One Big Native Ad Platform

The cable programmer, whose channels include TBS, TNT, CNN and Cartoon Network, among others, is introducing a new native advertising unit at the Consumer Electronics Show this week with the goal of reimagining commercial breaks. “The idea is to turn Turner into a giant native ad platform”.

Source: AdAge


Native ad growth stutters

“It’s possible that native could come under pressure since it is perceived as challenging to produce and measure.”

Source: Warc


Snapchat is building an ad technology platform

Snapchat is working on a crucial part of its growing digital ad business: an application programming interface (API) that would let partners start buying ads with more precision and frequency, according to multiple sources.

Source: Digiday


Here’s what Top Ad Agencies think of the FTC’s new Native Advertising Rules

“…these rules simply make official a rule of thumb marketers should’ve been following all along. Native ads should be good enough to stand on their own, no matter how clearly labeled. If deceit is required, you’re doing it wrong.”

Source: FastCompany