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Sponsored articles, sometimes referred to as native content / sponsored content / branded content / paid content / custom content – you get the idea. There are a few terms used. See the latest examples, data, insights and research from Nudge and across the industry.

How Branded Content Drives Business Outcomes

The tldr; content that is consumed, disclosed and has calls to action will drive business outcomes. Getting to content that is consumed, is the hard part. More on that below. Before we indulge in this post, there are a…

Ben Young
Ben Young
January 29, 2019

Guide to influencer content marketing

An introduction to influencer marketing Influencer marketing is using amateur, semi-professional or professional content creators who have built their own audience of influence to help drive your marketing objectives. The fact that it spans such a range of ‘influence’ can…

Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
May 10, 2021

Sponsored Content Examples

There’s a lot of sponsored content circling the web today, and here are some of my favorite examples of sponsored content and why I like them. For the latest visit The Best Native of 2021. See also…

Therese Bengtsson
Therese Bengtsson
January 19, 2016

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