Ben Young
Ben Young
December 10, 2021

Edition #351
Roblox virtual experiences are it right now.

One big thing

Ralph Lauren launched their new fashion line in Roblox this week with digital only fashion items. As part of their virtual world ‘Winter Escape’. 

Universes like Roblox are attractive to companies because they introduce younger users to their brands and give them a chance to see their marketing vision before graduating to real-world products. And traffic has been booming: VF Corp.’s Vans World in Roblox has had more than 50 million visits since its April launch. Nikeland, which Nike Inc. announced last month, has had more than 6 million visits. Fortune.

Financial analysts are all over this space and estimate it could reach $56b by 2030. If this is a big business in 9 years, it makes sense to start now. 

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Smartest commentary
  • “This is a better business. It’s great you’re targeting millennial fashion consumers, but I’m in the electric utilities space and that matters to everyone. The industries we write about touch every person. I leaned into the boring part because I know it’s important. You call it boring, I call it profitable.” –Sean Griffey, Co-founder Industry Dive.

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