Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
October 11, 2017

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Nudge Update, October 2017

Last week we released Nudge 3.0 and we couldn’t be more excited!

So far, we’ve received some wonderful feedback from clients and people in this space after our launch on Product Hunt.
…we’ve also posted about the release on our blog, diving deeper into each new update – read about it here.
But, the main thing to mention is that we’ve integrated artificial intelligence into the core of the platform, and are now able to provide predictive intelligence of content performance and audience interaction for native content campaigns. Read about it here, it’s pretty cool.
For those of you who enjoy to read our posts on Native Tactics, here’s another piece; this time on SEO for branded content campaigns.
That’s it – check out the release video below and make sure to read about all the new features.
Simply ping me if you’d be interested in a one on one look at the platform to get to know the latest features, and how they could fit your needs.

Nudge 3.0 on Product Hunt

Nudge has integrated AI into the core of their native content platform; the technology now provides predictive intelligence of content performance and audience interaction for native content campaigns. 

…More info on the Blog: Nudge 3.0

Introducing the next exciting phase of Nudge with its newly built AI intelligence layer, features, updates, and Nudge Spectrum.

Nudge Integrates AI Into the Core of its Native Content Platform

“Marketers need an unfair advantage. The ability to create predictive models for how content will perform, as well as understand potential conversion before it happens, changes how campaigns will be run”, said Colin Nagy, Head of Strategy for FRED & FARID, a global creative agency.


Native Tactics #2 Plan for SEO

This post is just to keep SEO in mind, as you build out the content. Think about the headline, will it draw searchers in, are you using the right terms. If you arrive from search what would you want to do? What would you want to do next? 

A Word from our Lead Developer…

‘The last month has been huge, putting the finishing touches on our latest release, Nudge 3.0.
The feature I’m really excited about getting into the release is Executive Notes. The idea of having your meeting points summed up, ready for when you need them, is super exciting.
Something not mentioned in the release is our updated Crawler. This helps us source data for a couple of the major release items – CommonSense, installation checker, PDF exports, Content Prediction – and soon to be many others. Using recently released tech, we’ve been able to scale our crawling throughput and accuracy up by many orders of magnitude. This has made traditionally tricky tasks, such as scraping reliably, and generating accurate PDFs.’