Edition #359 A measurement redux, opportunities in branded content & TikTok.
One big thingA trend you may not have seen in the tea leaves is that a lot of measurement companies are being acquired right now. Oribi, Tunity, TVSquared, Playground XYZ & Shareables. And that’s just since December.What’s driving that? The instigator was Apples tracking changes. Forcing many firms to either throw our their existing technology or seek to add deep capabilities. The other area is connected TV, finding better methodologies, now that it can be linked to the wider digital marketing mix. Nielsen losing their accreditation forced everyones hand. These shifts in measurement happen every five years or so, this has been building for a while with GDPR, CCPA and the death of third party cookies.
Notable stories this week Deals/M&A
  • Linkedin acquires marketing analytics company Oribi.
  • iSpot.tv acquires analytics company Tunity.
  • SEO firm BrightEdge acquires Oncrawl to Future-Proof Web3 Strategies.
  • NBCU invests $17m in to in-game ads firm Anzu as part of a strategic partnership.
  • Nativo announces partnership with Cision PR Newswire.
Campaign of the Week
Smartest commentary
  • “Primary-engagement media will gain. As I’ve written, I believe the next phase of digital publishing will favor quality over quantity in terms of audiences. Those publishing brands that put community at their core will thrive since it easily lends itself to a direct relationship that will make those audiences far more valuable than a random collection of people who mindlessly tapped a link on their Facebook feed.”Brian Morrissey, The Rebooting
Datapoints of note That’s it for this week.