Ben Young
Ben Young
October 14, 2022

Content marketing is an effective channel for SAAS businesses.

Content marketing helps SAAS companies educate the market as to the value they add, the problems they solve and to enhance their differentiation. All very valuable things in building the brand, marketing the product and driving business results.


Content marketing brings customers in the door

The fact that content marketing can sit so close to the customer and their ability to make a purchase, makes it a lot more effective.

A billboard, can get some eyeballs, but it takes going to another medium to then sign up for the product. Whereas once someone is on content, they can take action straight away. This is an unfair advantage that content marketing has.ย 


Easy to start, takes effort to become a pro

Because the barriers to entry are low, it can fool companies into thinking they should jump into content marketing. They should spend a bit more time upfront on their strategy, to see why they should do it, why customers would care and how it would drive success.

There is a chasm between those that do content marketing and those that do it well, and strategy is usually the defining behavior between the two.ย 

Of course, seeing the difference through the metrics and analytics is crucial for SAAS. As data driven companies, culturally they need to see what content is doing, and where improvements can be made.

This is part of ourย Guide to Content Marketing for SAAS.