Ben Young
Ben Young
October 7, 2022

Intranets in a way, are just like internal marketing, you want to reach your company and give them as much value as possible. So they can do what they need to do. Intranets often document processes, contain educational materials and provide updates on the business.

When measuring your intranet, you can look at things like:

  • Reach, how many people are using the intranet each month
  • Devices, how are they accessing the intranet
  • Geography, where are people using it the most
  • Content/Top URLS, what is the most popular or most helpful content
  • Engagement, what URLs are people paying the most attention to

Putting these in the context of what people are after is helpful too. If you see a lot of people visiting a specific article on the intranet but low engagement, maybe that article needs updating.