Ben Young
Ben Young
October 7, 2022

To measure effectiveness, you need to establish what your objective is. And then you can see how your activity stacks up against the objective. Often people turn to influencers to cut through the noise and reach their audiences. As to what those audiences do next, helps you understand the effectiveness of the initiative.

You might want to look at things like:

  • Engagement, were the audiences responding on the influencers platform, through likes, comments, sentiment.
  • Actions taken, such as coupons, visits to your website, engagement on your website.

Then you can put these against the cost, to see the differences between your different influencer engagements.

For example:

CostLikesCost per likeVisitsCost per visit
Influencer 1$3,000.00100$30.0020$150.00
Influencer 2$750.00173$4.3417$44.12
Influencer 3$2,850.00200$14.2512$237.50


Tools like Nudge, help especially, as you can see the downstream effects of influencer campaigns. As to how they delivered for your business. As at the end of the day, thatโ€™s the best indicator of value, that the people you reached, went and did something.


This is part of ourย Guide to Influencer Content Marketing.