Ben Young
Ben Young
September 30, 2022

Landing pages play a vital role in the digital marketing mix. Providing that entry point into the customer experience and enabling brands to experiment, put up pages quickly and just as quickly take them down. The simplicity of the pages means that any data collected is quite valuable but narrow in scope, to provide feedback on where to improve. You need to make sure they are working for you and the traffic sources to them are pulling their weight.

Metrics you should think about:

  • Attention, how long people are engaging for each click.
  • Average Scroll, how are customers consuming the page and content.
  • Engagement rate, what customers do on the page, and if they click out, to make a purchase, or sign up to webinar etc.
  • Conversion rate, rate at which people take the desired action.
  • Bounce rate, are people staying, but use a bounce rate that captures if people leave even without clicking a link. Like Nudge does.

Then, comparing each of these metrics by your different marketing sources, lets you get super smart. Oh, our email newsletter drove traffic that had higher engagement than paid, maybe we need to go and improve paid efforts. Or shift where we are spending our marketing resource.

Good measurement acts as insurance for landing pages, as you can also identify how your program is driving value. And high fidelity metrics like attention and scroll, let you compare landing pages to a finer degree than before. Very important when you have such a straightforward experience.