Ben Young
Ben Young
October 14, 2022

The quintessential question facing marketers, finding out how upper funnel activity drives lower funnel. The best place to start is a value chain analysis, sitting down and mapping out, how customers go from your upper funnel activity through to mid and lower funnel. Typically this involves a website visit, where visiting a product page, actually buying, or using a store locator helps indicate a shift. Often a change in search traffic can be used as well.

There are two schools of thought when doing this type of analysis, quantitative and quality. Quantitative goes, you want to see exactly how many extra people took action during your upper funnel activity. Quality goes, at what proportion did we increase that, i.e. our activity increased store locator visitors 30%.

The latter can be especially helpful for comparative analysis, seeing how each activity drives an incremental growth in that behavior.

Some examples of capturing some of this behavior:

  • Change in behavior on a website.
  • Change in behavior on a store locator, visits to a product page.
  • Change in the amount of search traffic arriving, or the quality of the search traffic (good brand should improve the quantity and quality).
  • Actual clicks on any links from a digital upper funnel activity to lower funnel.
  • Use of QR codes, shortened URLs, coupon codes.

Getting a holistic view where possible, does best help illustrate where and how upper funnel activity drives lower funnel. Try to avoid just relying on one metric, as you may miss other aspects which are being impacted.