Ben Young
Ben Young
October 14, 2022

This requires a program of continuously measuring the effectiveness of your website. To identify where effectiveness can be improved and when it is starting to drop off. The analogy of, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Is a very salient one in marketing. If it continues to work, keep using it.

The problem is when it stops becoming effective and now its too late, it’s going to take six months to stand up something new. Which is why continually evaluating effectiveness is key, to identify changes early and keep on top of them.

Metrics to keep an eye on:

  • Reach, how many people are we getting in front of
  • Attention, how long people are engaging for each click.
  • Average Scroll, how are customers consuming the page and content.
  • Engagement rate, what customers do on the page, and if they click out, to make a purchase, or sign up to webinar etc.
  • Conversion rate, rate at which people take the desired action.
  • Bounce rate, are people staying, but use a bounce rate that captures if people leave even without clicking a link. Like Nudge does.

Effectiveness is a subjective term, as it is what is effective for you and your business. Do keep that in mind, and anchor any work, in what the website its trying to achieve.