dcm trackers
dcm trackers
In a first-party, privacy-centric world, these issues are popping up more and more – marketers unable to track their activity. As a marketer, you can’t be investing without solid established measurement.Why wouldn’t some folks want DCM click trackers?
  • Cautious around inappropriate use by other agencies/brands.
  • Easier to say a blanket no.
  • Not covered in contract.
  • Transparency.
  • Use of traffic which can slip past IVT partners.
  • Changes in browser support (away from third party cookies)
What solutions are there?
  • First party, privacy-centric solutions, that capture the measurement but don’t enable the ’taking’ of audience data.
  • Measure around the box, sometimes you can’t measure what’s in the box (i.e. something in your media plan) but measuring around it, help tell you what’s in the box. For example, measuring and comparing post-click data from media partners.
These challenges also arise with social, trying to use doubleclick on Facebook and influencers, that’s where other solutions can complement and complete the picture. 

Hybrid measurement approach

Consider a hybrid approach to measurement, use DCM with another. Or another with brand surveys. A two-factor measurement lens on a campaign helps uncover or sense test each buy.Remember the aim: continuous improvement.You need measurement to enable continuous improvement.Explore Nudge on how you can round out your measurement.