Ben Young
Ben Young
September 13, 2023

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This post collates those for the year.

  • Linkedin users shared 41% more content on the network than they did in the same period in 2021.
  • 61% of fans enjoy seeing brands sponsoring/creating content for their fandoms.
  • There is high trust in content made by generative AI.
  • LinkedIn’s latest B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, CMOs (n=376) say #martech and data mastery is 2nd most valuable skill for their role today.
  • There are now 100m podcast listeners on Spotify. Consumption has grown more than 1,400%.
  • MorningBrew has used SwapStack sponsorships to drive over 100,000 subscribers.
  • Creators can earn between $500 and $1,000 for 1 million views on instagram.
  • TikTok Creators can earn $700 per 500,000 videos using their custom filters.
  • In Australia, 81% of influencers posts may be in breach of advertising rules.
  • Consumers exposed to ads longer than 15 seconds are 23% more likely to purchase the advertised product, compared to 14% for shorter ads.
  • The majority of Americans (55%) say they trust news from podcasts as much as the news they get from other sources.
  • Insights from Vidmobs video ad report. +54% lift in engagement rates with 7-15 sec video duration. +102% lift in view through 25% with high text contrast. +175% lift in view through 25% when showing a person in the opening quarter. +33% lift in click through rate when offer includes ‘Get a Quote’. +17% increase in click through rate when featuring brand logo in the opening 2 sec.
  • ^ From the same. Branding. It is crucial to feature your brand’s logo or name consistently throughout the marketing funnel, including during conversion stages. A notable 17% increase in click-through rate has been observed when incorporating the brand logo within the initial two seconds of content.
  • 69% of marketers reportedly set to increase spend on content in 2023.
  • Brand recall and enjoyability are the top two key attributed that determine the success of brand campaigns.
  • People are spending more time streaming YouTube on TV than any other streaming platform.
  • There is a direct correlation between the amount of content produced by a brand and the ROI. Around a third (34%) of teams that produce more than 20 pieces of content a month report a significant increase in ROI, compared to only 5% who are producing five or fewer pieces of content.
  • Fox’s free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) service, Tubi, reached 64 million monthly active users.
  • A strong content-lead in increased engagement by 62%.
  • A Taboola & Kantar study. Brands that used native advertising consistently met and often exceeded critical KPIs across the board—significantly outperforming industry benchmarks.
  • ^ Some other highlights from the same study: Brand favorability lift was 15%, 4x higher than the industry average. Consideration lift was 7%, 1.5x higher than the industry average. Message association lift was 87%, 8x higher than the industry average. Awareness lift was 10%, in line with the industry average.
  • #1 challenge for content marketers is linking content creation to business outcomes.


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