Ben Young
Ben Young
October 28, 2022

One of the effective ways for SAAS companies to reach SME’s is content marketing. Content marketing means SAAS companies can create helpful content that educates SME’s on how they can help solve their problems. So it can be direct, transparent and immediately helpful. Often using their product is part of the solution. So it makes this tactic perfect. 

Other benefits of content marketing, is that it is low cost to get started. Effective content works 24/7, so is a great marketing asset. And it provides a feedback loop from customers on what they respond to. These types of insights can then be applied across the marketing mix. 

Analytics is an invaluable part of this equation, to find the right metrics which drive performance. And to act as a feedback loop on how effective the content is. Nudge enables you to get customer insights with ease, diving straight into how customers are engaging, what they’re paying attention to, where they’re coming from, on what devices. And then it makes analysts jobs easier by synthesizing the data into insights, so you can get from insight to action faster.