Ben Young
Ben Young
October 28, 2022

SAAS marketing is different because the product itself is available with little to no barriers to entry. You don’t need to go to an obscure store, or leave your desk to buy it. You can buy it right now. You can also quickly compare it to the competition. The digital delivery means SAAS companies have direct access to their customers. In the past, before SAAS, you wouldn’t have direct access to your customers at all and it could take a long time for feedback to trickle back. 

The other benefit is that SAAS companies can iterate their product much more frequently. Which means marketing can provide a tighter feedback loop based off customer usage. 

The other neat thing, is that SAAS companies have full view through the funnel. From upper funnel activity, to mid-funnel, to buying the product. But then also the other side, how different cohorts use the product, and how long the use it etc. This gives a greater view of the customer for marketers. Whereas marketers in other industries often have to deal with a much more disorganized view of the customer.