Ben Young
Ben Young
November 18, 2022

Outwardly a lot of B2B content marketing can suck, but it depends if you are in the audience or not. Smart B2B content marketers create content strategies that elevate their business and deliver on their customers needs. It can be in many cases, that outwardly it is not as impressive, as compared to if you are a potential customer in that niche.

That being said, B2B content marketing can suck because of:

  • Low quality content production
  • Being boring, or not breaking from corporate or โ€˜brochureโ€™ speak
  • Leaning too heavily on whitepapers & Case studies, they have a role but they shouldnโ€™t be the only thing a company does
  • Under investing in distribution, you need enough people consuming the content to make a different
  • Lack of internal support, because stakeholders donโ€™t understand why it is important
  • Not listening to the analytics or conducting continuous reporting
  • A culture of pushing the envelope a bit