Ben Young
Ben Young
October 14, 2022

The most effective way to improve your conversion rate, is to instill a culture on continuous improvement. It is likely, in the early days, you have a lot of little improvements, all which individually may not be silver bullets but collectively can deliver big improvements. So itโ€™s rare that any one thing is the most effective method. But committing to a process, helps ensure you will find those nuggets of improvement.

In terms of metrics, there is a guiding metric with attention. Attention is correlated to conversion rate, if you can increase the attention on your landing page, increase the attention from your traffic sources, you can lift your conversion rate, without changing anything else.

The other one, is to find pockets of higher conversion rate, and try get more conversions in that channel, through reallocating resources, or removing those which are subpar

Dive into the data, and try look at cross-sections to identify pockets of lower conversion

  • Conversion by traffic source, and conversion by traffic source by device
  • Conversion by geography
  • Conversion by time of day
  • Conversion by piece of content, or URL/internal source

These should help provide context and where air is leaking from the system.