Ben Young
Ben Young
October 21, 2022

Direct traffic means that your analytics system has been unable to detect the source of the traffic. Over time, this can appear to go up, and that’s because people are discovering your website & content through a number of different means.

Often direct traffic is referred to as type in traffic or bookmark traffic. Where someone goes direct to the website. However a lot of it is now driven by mobile usage, or app usage. Where someone clicks a link, and it opens your website/content in an internal browser, or swaps from the app through to the website. In this process of swapping apps, often the ‘source’ where they come from is not passed through. Which is why direct traffic is generally going up.

Ways to address this, can be to append parameters to your URLs, to help communicate that, oh this was shared in a certain place. These are not bulletproof, as that URL can still be shared in other places. But it at least gives you some directionality or idea of the original source. And is a suitable solution for most use cases.