Ben Young
Ben Young
October 14, 2022

Keep the customer core, that is create content that is of use to your customers. People engage with content because it is providing value to them, whether it’s through education, actual utility, or entertainment. Your content should be so good, that if you took your company out of the equation, the content wouldn’t stand on its own. So you want that sort of fit between your company and the content.

For example, an analytics company, should write about analytics and the problems that customers need to solve with analytics.

Reframing it a bit, each post, should have in mind, how can I help my customer, do X or why? That should lead to good content.

Then of course, you do need to make sure that the content is being consumed, so check your analytics for that, looking at engagement rates, average scroll, conversion rate, attention. And then that you are getting it in front of enough people to make a difference. Content distribution is key, and is a continuously evolving space. Again you can use the same sorts of metrics but from your traffic sources, to see which traffic sources drive the most engagement for you. Then optimize accordingly.