Ben Young
Ben Young
November 4, 2022

For SAAS content marketing, some recommended tips are:

  • Keep the customer front and centre, your content couldn’t exist without your brand/product.
  • Meet the customer where they are, with your content, tone and distribution.
  • Continually improve, use data & analytics as a feedback loop to find areas of improvement.
  • Prove your value to the rest of the business, link your content strategy through to business objectives. So all stakeholders can see its contribution.
  • Keep pushing, keep pushing for more, better performance, more leads, new ideas. Complacency is a killer of results.
  • Reconsider distribution & tactics, this is often the area that brands underinvest, not getting enough eyeballs on their content to make a difference.

Consider your metrics too, are you measuring the right things, to drive the results you are after?

This is part of our Guide to Content Marketing for SAAS.