Ben Young
Ben Young
October 28, 2022

Content marketing is a highly effective marketing technique for SAAS companies. It is so effective as it brings customers literally to your storefront and engages them. They can take action if they see value straight away. Or know where to come back if they would like to use the product.

Itโ€™s the digital equivalent of a cooking demonstration at a supermarket. Oh, those ingredients look great, Iโ€™ll grab some right now. Content is that draw card that brings customers in.

Whilst it is easy to get started with content marketing, it takes work to do it well and at scale. Which is where analytics can really help, providing a feedback loop on what is engaging customers. Enabling SAAS companies to fine tune their content to meet the customer where they are.

What makes content marketing such a successful tactic is the fact that you create it once and if itโ€™sโ€™ good content, it will continue to deliver 24/7 for you. A great piece of content from five years ago, could still be creating value for you today.