Ben Young
Ben Young
October 28, 2022

Getting the word out there is no easy task. But if you have a great product, this makes it a lot easier. As your marketing teams can spend time educating the market on the product, the proposition, problems it solves and what it enables customers to do more effectively.ย 

Often the main objective of marketing for SAAS is new logos. That is growth in customers. And that means getting in front of as many prospective customers as possible and sharing your message. For many SAAS companies that is the hard part, getting awareness and then converting it.ย 

Analytics can play a key role here, helping to provide a feedback loop. And to be the voice of the customer. As it shows what is engaging customers and what isnโ€™t . Enabling teams to refine their strategies, to be more effective.ย 

Content marketing is often a tactic adopted by SAAS marketing teams. Because it is capital light and easy to get going .They can literally start creating, posting and sharing content within hours. Thatโ€™s a very rapid time to market. It also allows them to showcase what the product can do, who its for and why its special.ย