Ben Young
Ben Young
October 21, 2022

Proxy measures, or intermediate KPIS are used in more complex purchasing cycles, to help demonstrate that a part of the marketing mix is delivering on shifting customers through the customer journey. They help address gaps in the purchasing cycle, or help address business objectives. i.e. maybe you need to help drive sales through a retail partner and are unable to fully measure purchasing through them. So you measure, how many people click out, or visit a product page. This is your intermediate KPI. 

The way to measure these, is to use an analytics system, like Nudge. That let you track and measure the behavior that customers are taking. To demonstrate success against that KPI. 

As you analyze that data, you can see where customers are coming from, time of day, devices, traffic sources – and content. That helps give you insight into how marketing is having an impact on driving that intermediate KPI. 

You can then contextualize that against other sources. In our example above, with the retailer, maybe they report that 100,000 people visited the product page, and you know that you drove 15,000. So you have an idea of marketings impact on that KPI. 

A common mistake folks can make, is thinking they can capture everything, when sometimes it is best to capture a few things well, and work with what you’ve got. And seek to address gaps over time, or with solutions that can give signal as to what’s happening in any black boxes.