Ben Young
Ben Young
October 7, 2022

A real world reality is that sometimes you have gaps in where you can track customer actions. For example, someone sees an ad on Facebook, you are limited to what Facebook gives you. Here are some ways of dealing with that.

There are a few tricks to help deal with these gaps.

  • Use UTM parameters on the destination page, to help see the engagement of people that come via that source.
  • Use click trackers, if you have people going between two destinations which have limited analytics. i.e. Facebook click to YouTube.

Basically you look to measure the before or after, or sometimes both. So whilst you cannot measure in the black box, if you can measure around it, it still gives you insight and the ability to optimize.

Influencer campaigns can be an example of this, where they create on social, and you have limited options. To help with veracity, you could track the engagement on clicks from their sharing of content.

  • How many coupon codes were used
  • How many engagement on each click i.e. Influencer1 clicks were more engaging that Influencer2.

This helps you get context and build weighting with your own data, where you have gaps.