Ben Young
Ben Young
October 7, 2022

Each software as a service provider has their own marketing site, to help spread the word and engage with customers. This is the digital storefront for want of a better analogy.

Typically marketers can place a piece of javascript, often referred to as a tracking code, on their marketing site, to see how customers engage with it.

At that point, they can consider metrics like these:

  • Attention, how long people are engaging for each click.
  • Average Scroll, how are customers consuming the page and content.
  • Engagement rate, what customers do on the page, and if they click out, to make a purchase, or sign up to webinar etc.
  • Conversion rate, rate at which people take the desired action.
  • Bounce rate, are people staying, but use a bounce rate that captures if people leave even without clicking a link. Like Nudge does.

Attention is a valuable metric for marketing sites, as it is correlated with conversion. So at any stage of the funnel, optimizing to attention helps drive people down the conversion funnel. This can be insightful for identify sources of engaging traffic, what parts of the site are most engaging, and as a leading indicator of future conversion.