Ben Young
Ben Young
July 28, 2014

In short – a lot of Facebook pages have been hit by the Facebook algorithm change.

The way to combat that is to increase your EdgeRank, a measure of how good your Facebook content is.

Similar to Google with PageRank, this is an algorithm as to what to show on the homepage.  The newsfeed is the same as the first page of Google.

So, what we’ve learnt to do, is post to Facebook, then put a little spend behind our best posts.  This is the method that we’ve gotten used to and has worked.

However, from the Native Advertising Summit, we know about the 10% rule, 10% of your content will generate 90% of your traffic.  This means you have to produce a decent volume of content.

Tweet quote of Becky Brown / Intel

So what we’d do with that content is post it all to Facebook, figure out what was good then push that.

But that doesn’t work anymore.

That behavior drops our EdgeRank.

So what we need to do, is produce off Facebook and then test it.  So this is where content analytics comes in, brands need to post to their owned external channels, measure what’s the most engaging and Then ONLY post their most engaging content to Facebook.  This will lift your average engagement, your EdgeRank and of course in turn your reach.

It’s not about more to Facebook it’s more about the right content to Facebook.

This is posted to Nudge Use Cases, to highlight a perfect way for publishers to leverage their content analytics to lift their whole network performance.  Give us a shout to see how you can use our Content Engagement Feed to lift your EdgeRank.