Ben Young
Ben Young
October 21, 2022

Ever been to a yard sale? With all the knick knacks people have collected over the years. Old basketball cards, that well used couch oh and the lamp that is no longer in fashion. Every brands analytics set up is like this. Old conversions that no longer work, that one platform that was tried for two days and never turned off. Duplicate tags firing from the tag manager, the template and maybe an old plugin. In short, measurement set ups get messy over time. 

This is detrimental to the customer experience, as they are loading things they don’t need to, can impact site load times – and for no benefit to the business. So a good old cleaning out is worth doing every now and again. 

Start by doing an audit of all the tags firing, then going through each, to see what it does, who uses it, and asking – is it still needed? Now the trend is towards companies using more tags and multiple analytics. But chances are there are still things that aren’t needed. 

Then doing the same with conversion tags, do they need to be set up fresh. New naming conventions, firing hierarchies. This helps fix up errors and just cleans things up. It’s something that should be done at least every year, if not every other. 

Running your website through Google Pagespeed is a handy exercise too, to see how the code could be impacting the customer experience. Each piece has to deliver value for the business. 

Then the next thing, is to to the same for internal dashboards, and scorecards, are we still measuring things that align with our company goals? Or are we just continuing to measure what we did before. This frees up time and resource to make sure the team is focused on the right things. And keeps them engaging on driving business results, rather than just collecting data.