Ben Young
Ben Young
October 14, 2022

A great place to start, is to spend time, articulating to the non marketers, what marketing is doing. And how it drives results. Keeping conversations and presentations, simple and with the customer at their core. Here is how we help the customer, into engaging with and ultimately doing business with us.

You need to establish that as a baseline. Then spend time on articulating the ROI of marketing. Where and how it is driving return, and do we want to keep those initiatives up. Do they remain relevant. Or do we need to best spend elsewhere.

Treating this as a dialogue is the best way, as you want to approach it in an open minded manner, to ensure that marketing is continuing to deliver on the things the company needs.

Everything is an opportunity cost, so if weโ€™re not spending in marketing, where would we spend elsewhere? And thatโ€™s the lens marketers need to take. Is this the best use of our companies capital, is this the right amount?