Ben Young
Ben Young
October 28, 2022

The best technique to increasing your conversion rates is simulating the process that customers go through. Sitting down in a session, going from start to finish, note what they see/hear/read. And then overlay that with the data on how well each step has gone.

That is the best way to find opportunities for higher conversion rates. You can also use data to help you zoom in on particular areas, to understand why customers are dropping off at a certain point, this can be as simple as, the conversion button isn’t viewable on the screen, where most people drop off. Or someone wasn’t sure they should press the button – because they didn’t know what would happen next. Which is why pairing the data, with the customer journey is so valuable.

Metrics you could look at:

  • Conversion by traffic source, and conversion by traffic source by device
  • Conversion by geography
  • Conversion by time of day
  • Conversion by piece of content, or URL/internal source

These should help you find where air is potentially leaking from the system – and in turn decreasing your overall conversion rate.

At a very simple level, getting a higher conversion rate, is through reducing areas that are low converting and allocating more resource to those that are higher converting. Analytics helps you unpack where these areas are.


This is part of our Guide to Conversion Rate.