Ben Young
Ben Young
November 4, 2022

You can improve your bounce rate through identifying the key cause of the bounce rate.

It could be accidental clicks from a traffic source. It could be when users clicked they were expecting something else. So you need to optimize your ads or headlines. Finally it could be that your content is not good and needs improving.ย 

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Areas to look at:

  • Check the page experience, does it load quickly.
  • Does the bounce rate vary by traffic source or device.
  • Does the bounce rate vary by URL, it may be changes are needed to be made to the content to make it higher quality.

It is worth considering what method of measuring bounce rate you use.

Newer platforms like Nudge improves the accuracy of the measurement of the bounce rate by excluding people that actually engage with the page and read it from the bounce rate calculation. In older measurement systems this would not be included.


This is part of ourย Guide to Bounce rate.