Ben Young
Ben Young
February 24, 2016

Today Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)ย rolled out to the masses, you will start to see them in searches, indicated by this green thunderbolt.

The beauty of this, is that Google is taking the initiative to help clean up the rest of the web, they are abstracting this layer on top.

AMP is for content, what Business Listings are for the about pages on small business webpages. People want the information now.

So, that’s great, why do advertisers care? Well, more speed = more engagement.

Using Nudge data, we see that the biggest issue on mobile content is that initial load time, the same content on mobile vs desktop has higher bounce rates.

So what we did is do a test, our standard mobile optimized content vs AMP to see what the incremental difference was – and the differences when promoted.

Here’s what we found:

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