Ben Young
Ben Young
October 21, 2022

The best place to start, is to build out your template. A general template for a marketing report should look like:

  • Reiterate the objective
  • The dates of analysis
  • Screenshots of the work
  • Summary of performance and timeline of the work going live
  • Identify any learnings/observations
  • Recommendations for next time

Starting with the business situation and objectives is helpful to remind the reader of the context, of the work and performance they are about to see.

A power up move, is to compare performance against benchmarks. And to make a prediction for upcoming work, or if additional budget of X was granted, we could probably do Y.

For creating marketing reports – Nudge is a helpful analytics solution. Nudge enables you to get customer insights with ease, diving straight into how customers are engaging, what they’re paying attention to, where they’re coming from, on what devices. And then it makes analysts jobs easier by synthesizing the data into insights, so you can get from insight to action faster.