Webflow allows you to quickly create high quality websites and blogs. It also enables you to use external tools like Nudge. If you are a content marketer using Webflow you may want Nudge to provide analytics & insights on your content.

  1. First, retrieve your Nudge code.
    • Log in, click on the top right profile pic, and select ‘show JS snippet’ from the dropdown. Copy code to clipboard.
  2. Log in to WebFlow, and go in to your project.
    • Open the project settings by clicking in the top left, and go to ‘Custom Code’.
    • Paste your code in to the head section.
  3. ย Verify with the Nudge code checker that the code is firing correctly.
    • Log in to Nudge, click edit on a. campaign, then Campaign Code, then scroll down to the code checker.

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