Medium, Substack and other no code platforms provide their own measurement. Using CloudFlare Zaraz and custom domains, users are able to activate their own additional analytics to round out the gaps.

Zaraz is a service, that lets you manage code and applications when a user gets re-routed through CloudFlare. This enables them to add additional code to your web property. Which is a great solution for Nudge users to install code where they couldn’t before. The Zaraz service is currently in beta.

For this to work, you need to be an existing customer of CloudFlare and have your website set up to be proxied through Cloudflare.

  1. First, retrieve your Nudge code.
    • Log in, click on the top right profile pic, and select β€˜settings’ from the dropdown. Expand Tracking in the menu. Copy code to clipboard.
  2. Log in to Cloudflare. Select your domain.
    • Select Zaraz in the left hand menu. Click add new tool. Select custom. Click custom HTML. Click continue, then save.
    • Create an action, enter a name (like Nudge). Firing Trigger a Pageview. Click save.
    • Ensure your new third party action is Enabled.
  3. Done!

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