Cloudinary allows developers and marketers easily create, manage and deliver video to their audiences. By using Nudge, you can track Cloudinary video events such as play, pause, mute, percentage watched, and complete

Enable video tracking with Cloudinary

  1. First, Copy the code snippet below and include it on your page / template that contains a Cloudinary video player.
  2. Log in to Nudge, open your Profile.
    • Log into the Nudge Dashboard and click on your Account Name in the top right, then Profile.
      Screenshot of profile age in Nudge dashboard
    • Copy the your Nudge Unique ID and paste that into the variable ndgAccountIDย  in nudge-cloudinary-events.js
      image displaying code line to edit for nudge account id
  3. Add a Content ID.
    • This can be anything you like but should be something unique to video / content you are tracking. ie vid12345
      image displaying code line to edit for custom content id

Viewing the metrics in Nudge

Once set up and tracking, you will see the performance data in the Video tab of all campaigns that have the page URL the video is hosted on, whitelisted.

I.e. if your video is on and that URL has been added to your campaign, data will show automatically in the video tab.

screenshot of the Nudge video tab displaying tracked video data


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