What are native ads?

The Native Ad Market is growing rapidly, I’ve heard comments such as ‘I’ve never seen a shift happen so quickly’. The numbers suggest a $4.6b market by 2017. So what are native ads? But before we race ahead – what are Native Ads?  73% of marketers admit to being confused by it. Simply put, they […] Read More

by , May 29, 2014

Use Cases

How Nudge can help with Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach is a tried and tested methodology for brands to reach outside their audiences and capitalize on the great communities passionate independent bloggers have created. The challenge has been – how do we substantiate that value? Not only from the bloggers perspective – they want to charge fair pricing, and fair pricing means they […] Read More

by , April 7, 2014

Strategy & Tactics

6 Time Saver Tools Everybody Should Be Using

Because this blog post is about saving time, I will keep it short. Most of us start our work day with checking emails, right? As we all know this can be a very time consuming task. Especially sorting through the relevant emails, and the junk. This first tool only needs to be used once, and […] Read More

by , February 21, 2014

Use Cases

Native Ad Analytics

With the huge growth of Native Ads over the past few years we’re seeing appetite from Advertisers and Indie Publishers for Analytics catered specifically for their context. Nudge Analytics complements these executions nicely. 1) Advertorials must look different It’s easy to drop our code in and get fresh share buttons with custom analytics behind them. […] Read More

by , February 21, 2014