What the first 90 days of your long-term engagement with Nudge look like

  In this post, we look at what the first few weeks of Nudge looks like, from implementation, resources & reports, to when you’ll see initial campaign data flow through.   For short term engagement, the process is accelerated; this post reflects the setup of what long-term engagement with Nudge is like.   Contact your […] Read More

by , July 20, 2017


Nudge Guide to Cannes Lions

  Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2017 has now passed us by and we wanted to share our key learnings.   Ben Young, our CEO & Founder has previous to this made notes about key takeaways from the festival from a native advertising perspective, which you can find here.   We were there from Sunday […] Read More

by , July 13, 2017

Use Cases

Content Marketing Optimizations Made Easy

    It’s not that you don’t know how to optimize, it’s finding which smart optimizations there are to make on your content.   Nudge is built from the ground up on two key values, transparency and efficiency. The platform gives you the transparency to deliver efficiency in your content marketing. And better efficiency is […] Read More

by , June 15, 2017

Use Cases

Hacking your Facebook Audience with Nudge

  Facebook marketers are constantly searching for quality, as well as for greater campaign transparency.   As we previously touched on in our first post on the Nudge Facebook integration, quality distribution is a common challenge for Facebook Marketers.   But exactly why is it a challenge…?   …Facebook optimizes distribution toward CTR, which can […] Read More

by , June 1, 2017

Use Cases

How Brands Win at Influencer Marketing

  Over the past few years there’s been a surge in influencer marketing.   Working with influencers is a great way for brands to cut-through the noise and reach audiences that trust the influencer and in turn their recommendations. It’s also relatively inexpensive and has global reach.   According to a recent study, 91% of […] Read More

by , May 19, 2017

Use Cases

How Brands Measure Purchase Intent on Content in Offline Environments

    Many advertisers are still in the dark of how to use native content to drive offline sales. In this post we’ve put forward a foolproof framework for brands looking for indicators of purchase intent.   The ability to measure purchase intent on content, and to prove that consumers are taking desired actions (i.e. […] Read More

by , May 11, 2017


How to get started with Nudge

  To learn how to get started with Nudge, simply follow these links:   How to get setup Advertisers Publishers   How Nudge pays for itself Advertisers Publisher   Case Studies   For further questions, simply schedule a call with a Nudge account manager today. Read More

by , May 8, 2017

Content Marketing, Native Advertising, Native Content

How B2B Brands Win at Native Content

  Over the past few years, ad-blocking technology has had massive boost in consumer adoption, seeing a 30 percent growth spurt in 2016 alone. At the same time, both banner and interstitial ads have seen declining appeal from consumers and advertisers alike. They are often perceived to ruin the user’s browsing experience, leading to bad […] Read More

by , May 4, 2017

Content Marketing, Native Advertising, Native Content

A Snapshot of Luxury in the Native Advertising Space

  Luxury advertisers have been slow to adapt to new technologies and advertising methods.   For a long time, they’ve opted to stick with what they know; print placements in the ‘right’ magazines where they feel reassured by the company they keep with other brands, i.e. brand safe environments.   With growing pressure from millennials […] Read More

by , April 27, 2017