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How Evernote should use Native Ads

I’ve long been a fan of Evernote – the note keeping app, I joined way back in October 2008 but only seriously started using it the next year, and that’s the typical use case of Evernote. The percentage of people who pay in the first month is like one half of one percent. But if they use it […] Read More

by , September 23, 2014

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 09/19

The clear theme this week is disclosure, with a few articles providing different views. We’ve shared them and included a short write up on our yet to be released study.   Campaign of the Week: 6 Steps to Fewer, Shorter and More Efficient Meetings Few aspects of corporate culture are more widely disliked and ridiculed than […] Read More

by , September 18, 2014

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 09/12

Campaign of the Week: Hartford Man Offers Haircuts In Exchange For Hugs In some ways, Joe Cymerys is one of the richest men in the world, but his wealth has nothing to do with money. Although he was an accountant for decades, his most successful years have been spent giving homeless men free haircuts in exchange […] Read More

by , September 11, 2014

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 09/05

Campaign of the Week: Watch This Dyson Tackle Serious Messes with Satisfying Ease There’s definitely something satisfying and stress relieving about conquering a mess. Dyson’s DC59 Motorhead is the perfect sidekick to battle domestic chaos. For that instantly gratifying, cathartic experience of watching a dirty disaster transform into a clean home, check out these GIFs showing […] Read More

by , September 4, 2014

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 08/29

Campaign of the Week: 19 Ways To Make The Most Of Summer In New York Before It’s Over Summer is when New Yorkers come out to play. The New York Lottery partners with BuzzFeed to make sure you get the most out of summer with a classic list format. Source: Buzzfeed Why we like it: Timely […] Read More

by , August 28, 2014

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 08/22

Campaign of the Week: There Are Two Shapes Of Shoes Men Should Never Wear Ever since we wrote about avoiding square-toed and overly-pointy shoes — because they look unnatural and are the most obvious signs of cheaply-made, mass-produced footwear — we’ve received many questions about what shape(s) to look for. Source: Business Insider Why we like it: It’s the right […] Read More

by , August 21, 2014

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 08/15

Campaign of the Week: reForm When blogging platform Medium published Re:form on Tuesday, its latest “collection,” readers may have notice something entirely new to the site: advertising.   Source: Medium Why we like it: BMW expressing their brand values through their placement, also embracing the medium community by supporting a topic rather than a specific post. […] Read More

by , August 14, 2014

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 08/08

Campaign of the Week: Peek Inside This Entrepreneur’s Zen Home Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mike Del Ponte spent several years traveling the world volunteering and working in microfinance. The influence of global cultures blended with modern minimalism shows in the space he currently inhabits in San Francisco. Pieces sleek and digital are placed comfortably alongside the […] Read More

by , August 7, 2014

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 08/01

Campaign of the Week: Amazingly Humanlike Robot Able To Commit Thousands Of Mistakes Per Day Saying they have been able to replicate human behavior more closely than ever before, researchers at MIT unveiled Tuesday a remarkably advanced robot that is capable of committing thousands of mistakes per day. Source: The Onion Why we like it: The idea […] Read More

by , July 31, 2014

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101 ways to use Nudge

We’re pretty overt about this, we have a free version of Nudge it’s actually right over here: Right there on our homepage. This is actually pretty powerful, the reason is in it’s flexibility. You can put any url in there and get data. This is super helpful and lets you begin to make comparisons. Here’s […] Read More

by , July 28, 2014