Ben Young
Ben Young
October 28, 2022

Content marketing is an effective marketing strategy for SAAS to consider. Many consider it the best, because it forces the company to write and create content that will attract their prospective customers. As well as delivering on immediate business needs, it also helps build intelligence on what will engage customers and where to invest resources. Even better it can give feedback on the product. All very helpful in the formative stages of a SAAS company. 

Another big benefit is you have direct access to the customer. When you engage in other environments, you have to work with the constraints they have. Content also works 24/7 to attract customers, the SAAS dream, so customers can find you, and sign up all hours of the day. The ongoing investment also is very low, so works for capital constrained companies. 

Whilst it is easy to get started, it takes work to do it well and at scale. Which is where analytics can really help, providing a feedback loop on what is engaging customers. Enabling SAAS companies to fine tune their content to meet the customer where they are.