Ben Young
Ben Young
November 11, 2022

For programmatic ads, there are two areas of attention metrics to consider.

  1. Pre-click attention.
  2. Post-click attention.

Pre-click attention is how long is the ad within view before engaging. This helps to understand if the population of customers seeing the ad are reading or watching the ad. Which will be a pre-cursor to a change in brand engagement.

Post-click attention looks at how customer that click through engage. If the customer is well primed from the ad, they should have high attention after clicking. This is useful for gauging the quality of a traffic source.

Programmatic advertisers can also use UTM parameters, to see the quality of multiple variables on programmatic. From placement, to publisher, to creative.

Attention metrics are also helpful for identifying the quality of the destination – and whether it is performing. It is hard for programmatic advertising to perform well if the landing page itself is a low performer.