Ben Young
Ben Young
October 28, 2022

Conversion rates are a byproduct of scale. You can have higher conversion rates to a more focused audience. Or lower conversion rates at a broader audience. It is finding that right mix, that works for your business goals.

For high impact content, your conversion rates could be as high as 10-20%. For more general targeted content it could be 2-3%.

The question people are usually thinking about, is my conversion rate bad. If it is sub 1%, that’s where you want to think about improving it. It could be, you don’t have enough calls to action, the content may not be focused enough, the traffic sources may be poor performing.

And the call to action itself could be too onerous. Keep the hurdles for customers low and easy for them to complete. If the ask is too high, you will naturally have people drop off, as its too hard.