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How Nudge helps Marketers

Customers are won and lost within seconds, yet traditional analytics completely misses this. So Nudge measures attention, second by second, to arm you with the same insights. See data on each URL, device, traffic source, time of day and day of week to drill into areas of performance.

Nudge provides a mix of traditional, attention & engagement metrics, to get as close to the customer as possible. Insights help shift from analysis to action. Help find those magic moments of insight where you discover something that shifts the business.

Whether it’s a micro site, website, ecommerce, product or content. Nudge can provide transparency and accountability. Insights help with reporting & to go from insight to action faster.

Marketers use Nudge to grow their audiences, engagement or conversion rates. Nudge provides a vital feedback loop from customers as to what is working. Simply adjusting from low performing to higher performing areas, can improve performance 10-15%.

Marketers have used Nudge to

  • Measure campaigns, getting insights & data from across the whole mix.
  • Measure websites, landing pages & marketing sites.
  • Link content campaigns through to purchase. And what content drive purchase.
  • Optimize paid advertising, and placements, with post-click data.
  • Hold partners accountable, with third party measurement.
  • Build their own benchmarks and intelligence.
  • Measure influencer & content partnerships.
  • Capture custom calculated metrics.

All these and more, analytics plays a role in every project.


Benefits for Marketers


Obtain a higher fidelity view of your content and marketing efforts.


Optimize content distribution off engagement metrics.


Streamline reporting.


Inform strategies.

Compared to other tools

  • Installation is fast and low config. Enter domain and add code.
  • Get fancy with custom events, reports & APIs.
  • Supported by a free tier to experiment and prove out business cases.

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Marketing FAQs

Reference our Metrics & Terminology.
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