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How Nudge helps Advertisers

Get insight on branded content, custom, native advertising & influencer partnerships.

Advertisers use Nudge to measure their partner content and distribution. This enables them to see how it is performing in real time. And make better decisions.

Struggling with transparency on content and media spends, Nudge provides relief and instant visibility. Benchmark each partner against your benchmarks, not their own. In a way its like insurance on each and every campaign.


Benefits for Advertisers


Aggregate all your content data in one place. Holding partners accountable.


Enable real-time transparency, share data across content executions.


Measure traffic quality.


Streamline reporting.

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Advertiser FAQs

Using a piece of javascript that gets added to your websites code.
Understanding how customers interact with your store is the best piece of data in to find where you can improve. Read more on quality metrics.