Ben Young
Ben Young
January 10, 2022

Marketing analytics is a dynamic continuous feedback loop on how a company is performing in their market. It canvasses brand; commercial; market & performance.

Marketers use Nudge to measure their marketing activities. What makes Nudge different is the ability to measure things that were prior unmeasurable, providing fresh metrics, which makes it easier to understand where air is leaking out of the system and where opportunities lye.

Insights, benchmarks & conversions help shift the team from analysis to action faster. Enabling them to be more agile, identify quick win opportunities. But to still roll up the data at the end of the quarter to find the trends.

Analytics teams love the dashboard that anyone in the team can use but also the exports and custom reports. To let them build and internalize their own models.

The extensibility of the platform, keeps teams happy, with them able to build workflows, ingest data and build their products powered by data. Dev teams can use the Nudge infrastructure to process their own analytics services at scale. Removing headaches and abstracting away the management and scaling.


This is part of ourΒ Guide to Marketing Analytics