content marketing tactics by nudge
content marketing tactics by nudge

This is a post of content marketing tactics that are continuously updated.

I (like you) have been in this place of going, right I’m not hitting my targets, we need to do something new. I should see what else is new out there. So in this post, we cover some of the latest content marketing tactics, but also some of the tried and tested.

If you are indeed in that mindset, do check out our ROI of content, it may be that you are already doing the right things and just need to make some adjustments to your content strategy, or how you frame success.

Do also read our article on the factors that drive content ROI.

What is the difference between a tactic and a strategy?

A strategy is a plan of action against a goal, a tactic is something you might do within your strategy. They are interlinked. But a tactic is to help deliver against your overall strategy.

What are the most effective content tactics?

Unashamedly, here are our thoughts on the top three, as of right now.

1) Consistent calls to action through your content, 1/3,2/3 and at the end.

Less than 20% of people make it to the bottom of your content. Give them the next steps for people in a rush, people that already get it or people that want to know more.

2) Check your load time

No one is waiting for your content to load. Make sure it is snappy. We see up to 60% of people will give up after just a couple of seconds.

3) Optimize your promotion to time of day

There is no point paying or posting when prospects aren’t paying attention. Optimize your distribution around the times of day that your market is actually paying attention.

Our mega list of content marketing tactics

Keep in mind, this is continuously updated, so if you have some goodies you’d like to share (with attribution) please do email us or send us a note on LinkedIn. We’d love to include it.

We’re trying to keep it as succinct as possible, with links to complete walkthroughs of the tactic (if warranted) and any data supporting this tactic.

Usability tactics

– Print your content out. Does it print nicely?

– When you share it social? Does it pre-populate with an image and text/links.

– Try a screen reader (i.e. text to voice) – is it reading appropriately?

Content lead generation tactics

– Make sure your CTA’s are up to date, especially on older pieces of content that are driving decent search volume.

– Older content as a rule of thumb, see most of its eyeballs come through from search. So, make sure you capitalize on this knowledge by creating user flows that are tailored to these visitors (CTA’s, messaging, etc).

– Use story forms, that is turning your sign up form in to a story. To improve conversion rates.

Content lead nurturing tactics

– Start an email newsletter, as a softer call to action and keep top of mind. For example, based on Nudge data, we know that Email newsletters drive 124% higher attention for travel brands. For more industry data points, click here.

– Marketing automation can be a bi-product of your newsletter for example, for people to get another perspective of you and what you do. A great way to keep your subscribers engaged.

– Do content retargeting, if someone visits a certain page. Follow them with key messages. i.e. visiting sign up page, with the latest product features.

Tactics for content distribution.

– Google Business Posts, often forgotten but free coverage and additional search ranking.

– Email newsletters are viewed as a bit unsexy at times, but based on Nudge data, they are the best source for driving quality clicks to content. So don’t underestimate this old, yet faithful distribution source.

– Turn your content into Twitter threads. We do this with our newsletter, which extends its reach by 15-20% (depending on the week). Here’s an example.

– Make sure your tag and category pages are looking good, have relevant titles and descriptions; because, if indexed, this is a good way to drive relevant search clicks to content too.

– Email signatures, use these to help promote your content amongst your very customers or prospects.

– Push your content to Apple News, Google AMP and Instant Articles. Ensure all link back (and have calls to action) to the mothership.

– Record a brief conversion via audio or video of your content. Providing a synopsis.

Content optimization tactics

– Set a recurring event, to just go and improve your content.

– Get Mechanical Turk to UserTesting or another service, to go review your content and provide video feedback – from people that know nothing about your company. This will help find any pointy edges.

– Vice versa, pay someone to go research ’your solution’, i.e. go research the top ‘content analytics platforms.’ And see what they find, what influences them, but also what their ultimate decision was.


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