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The Best Native Advertising Examples of 2018 [continuously updated]

  Each week we pick extraordinary campaigns, which we spotlight in This Week in Native Ads (sign up to the newsletter here). Inclusion in This Week in Native Ads, automatically gets you in consideration for the best of the year. See 2015, 2016 & 2017.   If you’d like to submit your own work for […] Read More

by , January 16, 2018


How Consumption of Content Changes on Thanksgiving & Black Friday

  Something we pride ourselves on here at Nudge is our ability to analyze all of our rich data to spot the latest trends.   More specifically post-click, behavioral data.   This time, we set out to analyze how consumers consumption of content changes on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. We were able to do this […] Read More

by , December 1, 2017


What the first 90 days of your long-term engagement with Nudge look like

  In this post, we look at what the first few weeks of Nudge looks like, from implementation, resources & reports, to when you’ll see initial campaign data flow through.   For short term engagement, the process is accelerated; this post reflects the setup of what long-term engagement with Nudge is like.   Contact your […] Read More

by , July 20, 2017


Nudge Guide to Cannes Lions

  Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2017 has now passed us by and we wanted to share our key learnings.   Ben Young, our CEO & Founder has previous to this made notes about key takeaways from the festival from a native advertising perspective, which you can find here.   We were there from Sunday […] Read More

by , July 13, 2017

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Guide To Native Content

Whether you’re an agency booking your first paid content campaign, a publisher adding a native product to your line up or a brand whose considering native content as part of an ongoing strategy – native content can seem daunting. To help we’ve organised a list of our posts with information for publishers, agencies and brands […] Read More

by , October 14, 2015

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This Week in Native Ads 10/09

Campaign of the Week: Lex Luthor Jr.: Not Just His Father’s LexCorp Source: Fortune Why we like it: This sponsored content for the new Batman v Superman movie is a stand out piece in the entertainment category, it includes an interview with the fictional Lex Luther Jr and how he’s turning his fathers business around. It’s […] Read More

by , October 8, 2015

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Native Content Formats

When you start planning your first native content campaigns the formats that are available can seem a little new, especially when coming from a media buying background. To make things a little simpler we’ve placed a list below of the main content formats with definitions and examples. Next week we’ll look at how these formats work […] Read More

by , September 16, 2015

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August: Campaign of the Month

Each Thursday at Nudge we review the last week of native content campaigns to find the campaign of the week. Be that the most engaging, most creative or something a little special that stands out. Now each month we’ll also pick a campaign of the month. We’ll take a closer look at the piece of content to […] Read More

by , September 1, 2015

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The Best Native Advertising Examples

You’re looking for the best native advertising examples, under the IAB native ad guidelines, there are six main types: Infeed units, ads designed to fit in the flow of content, i.e. Facebook promoted post. Paid search units, ads designed to look similar to search results, i.e. Google Adwords. Recommendation units, ads that look like content links […] Read More

by , January 25, 2015