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Nudge is seeking an Account Associate to join the team

We are seeking an entry level Account Associate to join our New York office. This is a fast-paced role in an equally fast-paced industry. Our clients range from agencies, brands and publishers who are mostly mid to Enterprise sized corporations. You will likely have experience in the ad-tech or digital agency world. Day to day includes: […] Read More

by , November 16, 2017


Nudge, Publisher Account Executive

Background Nudge is a content data + measurement company. Content is now front and centre of the advertising mix and Publishers need the right tools for this new world. This is a ground floor opportunity to come in and drive the sales of Nudge’s publisher toolkit.   Our platform actually does what it says it […] Read More

by , October 10, 2017

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Nudge integrates artificial intelligence into its native content platform

  Nudge integrates artificial intelligence into its native content platform   Technology provides predictive intelligence of content performance and audience interaction for native content campaigns.   NEW YORK, NEW YORK, – SEPTEMBER 2017   Nudge, a New York-based technology platform, provides reporting and analytics for modern content marketing and native advertising campaigns. Today, it announced […] Read More

by , September 27, 2017

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Introducing Nudge 3.0

  Introducing the next exciting phase of Nudge with its newly built AI intelligence layer, features, updates, and Nudge Spectrum.   Get in touch with your account manager today, to talk about the latest features.   Content prediction ‘Predict how well your content will do before it goes live’   Through Nudge’s latest artificial intelligence […] Read More

by , September 27, 2017

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How to Identify Problems Early With Nudge’s Content Stream

  When you go to build a campaign, Nudge Content Stream allows you to see all of the pieces of content that haven’t yet been added to a campaign.   In turn, this reduces the time it takes for your team to build campaigns and minimizes the risk of error, which is part of our […] Read More

by , September 12, 2017


Account Executive, Nudge

Native content is the future. All brands are adjusting their marketing communications to content and in turn native. This is a ground floor opportunity to come in and drive the sales of Nudge. Nudge is a native content platform that helps brands understand the impact of their content. The full toolkit ranges from analytics, to […] Read More

by , August 28, 2017

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Nudge’s Executive Notes (AI)

  Artificial intelligence has gained a lot of attention over the last decade, but based on Google Trends search data, it wasn’t until the autumn of 2016 that the hype really lifted…   …Today, we already see this in things like AI music recommendations, flight simulators and driverless cars.   Our initial experiments at Nudge, […] Read More

by , August 24, 2017

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Nudge Demographics – Why it’s Essential for Native Advertisers

  With Nudge, marketers now have a connection from behavior, to demographics, to purchase intent.   This means that they now have the full view of exactly how impactful your content is on your audiences, from start to finish, and where you need to optimize in accordance with the business objectives.     Nudge demographics […] Read More

by , August 24, 2017

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Content Marketing Optimizations Made Easy

    It’s not that you don’t know how to optimize, it’s finding which smart optimizations there are to make on your content.   Nudge is built from the ground up on two key values, transparency and efficiency. The platform gives you the transparency to deliver efficiency in your content marketing. And better efficiency is […] Read More

by , June 15, 2017

Use Cases

Customized Reporting for Content Optimization

  Nudge provides custom content reports to allow you to optimize your content.   Customers simply request their reports via the online dashboard.   Why do we do this?   We found that clients have multiple responsibilities and stakeholders. They are smart, savvy marketers and just need a little bit of help, weeding through the […] Read More

by , June 8, 2017