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How Nudge helps Content Creators

Creating content is your business, measuring it is ours. Fuel your creative intuition with high quality feedback from your audience. Nudge focuses deeply on what your audience is reacting to, so you can create better content. If you work with partners the transparency builds trust when you can share precisely how the partnership performed.

With an easy to use dashboard, it won’t take you away from doing what you do best. And the automated insights help you turn the data into meaning. Which all helps you create better content.


Benefits for Content Creators


Content is your business, don’t be the last to know on how its performing.


Improve win rates, and retention of clients, with a better data offering showing the value you deliver.


Inform your creative intuition with sharp data & insights.


Streamline reporting.

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Content Creator FAQs

Reference our Metrics & Terminology.
Using a piece of javascript that gets added to your websites code.